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Business Plan

Keeping in view the importance of showcasing the ideas and exhibit the projects ORIC department focuses to organize Business Plan Competitions at three different levels starting off from an intra-university business plan competition, which be amongst the students of all campuses of IU which will be work as a shortlisting tool for the same. Afterwards a yearly national level business plan competition amongst all HEIs across Pakistan. Not limiting to the national level a yearly international level business plan competition will also be organized so that competition may reach next level and we may have participants from outside Pakistan.

Product Development & Innovation

Product development and innovation is significant part of ORIC. At ORIC, we promote students to learn to develop new products. In the modern era of changing technology and trends, launching new products has become difficult. ORIC provide assistance to students in order to identify the extraordinary innovation potential in their ideas. We believe that successful innovation is driven by a clear understanding of how and why people use products in services in real life, and how well they can manage and understand customer’s needs. At Iqra University, ORIC helps the student in unlocking the crucial moments that drive innovation, and giving them the ultimate competitive edge.

ORIC designs and offer multiple workshop for Iqra University students in all disciplines to help them create: out-of-the-box thinking. The workshops are designed to promote Product Development and help students understand:

  • New Product Development
  • Modification of Old Product
  • Use of Technology: Digital (Internet-of-Things)
  • Consumer Research: Existing and Creating Demand
  • Unique Value Proposition
  • Target Market (Market Segmentation)

These aim of these workshops is to encourage students to identify their potential and unlock future possibilities.

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